Bring Back the Glory of the Victorian Era.

Rotten Banquet, our first victorian display font. This font inspired by 1800s typography design with some modern touch at it. We made this font without too much swashy effect on the letterform.

Everybody loves free stuff.


Kovanov Latin Serif Family

Kovanov, a clean latin serif family with swash alternates for more fun purposes. Contains 420+ Glyphs this font also come up with 7 different weights. Our first display ‘swashy’ font with different weights to be honest. Because we knew in some cases sometimes need either thinner or thicker font or maybe both as companion as a whole. This font will suitable for your any projects such as branding, printing, social media, quotes and whatnot.

Variable Black Letter Font

Royal Grande, Quite basic anatomy not the contemporary style. With this not too complicated black letter that make this font good for general display projects. We also make it a black letter family because we rarely see this kind of option in the market. Another good news , we also offer the variable format this time for the new font enthusias community.

Take Some Look.

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